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Sanibel for Easter

I had an amazing Easter weekend back home in SWFL. We went to the beach everyday and just reconnected as a family. On Easter Sunday, my mom and I made the trek to Captiva and watched the sunset on the sand with a glass of wine. It was the perfect vacation.

Sanibel and Captiva 1 Sanibel and Captiva 3

Sanibel and Captiva 1 Sanibel and Captiva 5

Sanibel and Captiva 4   IMG_0180

Sanibel and Captive 6



Christmas Break Instagram Recap

Atlanta (much like most of the US) is FREEZING. To take our minds out of the cold, I decided to post a little recap of my Christmas Break where I went back home to SWFL.

P.S.  I was planning on writing about my winter beach essentials today but since it’s going to snow on Monday I decided against making me depressed.

Anyway, let’s get to recapping my Christmas Break!

If you want to see more pictures, follow my Instagram, @NJOben. These pictures also link up to their original post for an easy double tap. 😛

Captiva | www.flonmymind.com    Surfing Santa | www.flonmymind.com

The name of the game for me this break was to get to the beach as much as possible. I hit up Sanibel/Captiva three times this break and I was happy. The weather was gorgeous and I didn’t get a sunburn. I still wish I  could have just spent the whole day during one of my beach trips. I normally didn’t end up on the sand until the afternoon.

Homemade Pizza | www.flonmymind.com  Mint Ice Cream | www.flonmymind.com

My mom spoiled me this Christmas. I’m glad I got to devour  one of her amazing homemade pizzas. This one has a mix of mozzarella and goat cheese and is piled high with chicken, bacon, tomatoes, red onions, peppers etc. We also put garlic and herbs on the crusts. These things are  AWESOME. Back in my early blog days, I wrote a little post about them. Check it out here.

My mom made sure we had tons of desserts on hand. Here’s some of my mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cute little gingerbread mug we got at Michaels a few years ago.

Southern Living Cookbook | www.flonmymind.com  Christmas Cake | www.flonmymind.com

Christmas Presents | www.flonmymind.com  The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear | www.flonmymind.com

Christmas! Santa was good to me this year!

Sailboat on Captiva | www.flonmymind.com  Sunset on Captiva| www.flonmymind.com

I went to the beach with my friends the day after Christmas and it was beautiful. We have been going to the same spot since one of us could drive (so sophomore year of HS) and it’s the best spot on the island. I love living on the west coast of Florida because the sunsets are amazing.

Beach Umbrellas on Sanibel | www.flonmymind.com  Sand Starfish | www.flonmymind.com

The next day, my mom, sister and I hit up a different side of Sanibel. It was super crowded on the beach but we eventually got a parking spot and hit the sand. It was a little cloudy but laying on the beach was nice. My mom also found these little sand sculptures and showed me the starfish one. Isn’t it super cute?!

Bloody Mary at Deli Lane | www.flonmymind.com  NYE Drink | www.flonmymind.com

For some reason, I didn’t take any pictures on New Year’s Eve that wasnt my drink. I went down to Miami to hang out with one of my besties. We went to Deli Lane for brunch then we hit up Lincoln Road for some shopping in South Beach before having a chill NYE in with her BF and their friends. It was just what I needed.

On the 1st, I woke up super early and made the long drive back to Atlanta. I went to work this past week and I’m not liking this cold. Bring me back to Florida!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Break and New Years!

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Christmas in Florida

Hello Everyone, I hope y’all are having a great Christmas Eve. It’s a beautiful 75 degrees here in Southwest Florida. If you follow me on Instagram you already know this, but I headed to Captiva Island yesterday to lounge by the Gulf in my favorite beach spot.

Captiva Beach | www.flonmymind.com

I didn’t even touch the water (I knew it was too cold) but it was a perfect beach day. I even feel a little bit tanner. I think Kenny Chesney’s All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan sums up my Christmas list perfectly.

Later in the afternoon, my friend joined me and we stayed and watched the sunset like tourists.

Captiva Sunset | www.flonmymind.com

Tourists flock back to the beach starting around 45 minutes before sunset to watch the sun dip into the Gulf. If you watch closely, you might be able to catch a green flash but I’ve never seen one. I will be visiting Sanibel and Captiva a couple more times before I leave to visit Miami and celebrate NYE with some friends. I’m so thankful for such great weather.

Coastal Living magazine has a great feature on Sanibel Island in their December issue. You should check it out to read more about my hometown beaches. I actually brought the issue with me for some beach reading and it was fun to read about Sanibel on Sanibel.

Merry Christmas from the Beach!

Captiva Santa | www.flonmymind.com

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