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Beast Mode for Pink Friday | #LillyForTarget

#LillyForTarget Haul

So… who doesn’t have a crazy #LillyForTarget story? Maybe it’s because I grew up in Florida and live in the South but EVERYONE I know shopped at Target to battle it out for a pink and green shift on the 19th.

Some stayed up all night scrolling through the #LillyForTarget feed for the elusive mobile links that led to rompers, and home wares before the official launch time. Some, like myself, staked out their local target and waited, for what seems like forever, for them to open before running through the aisles grabbing nail files, makeup bags and the #HolyGrail espresso mugs.

I visited the Target in Little Five Points (an all around hipster target) and got there around 7:20 with Starbucks in hand. I thought I was going to eat my bagel in the car before moseying up to the door around 7:45. Boy was I wrong. There were already around 15-20 people in front of me and I ended up having to stand in a cold drizzle for a few minutes.

Lilly For Target Line

All of the women around me were ranting about the website and some drove in from the suburbs to visit my hipster Target. They were visibly upset about the website. I said something about how the Lilly sales always crash the site and a soccer mom shot back ‘Well this is different. It was worse.’ The line was experiencing some #FirstWorldProblems that’s for sure.

Eight o’clock finally rolled around and they let us in the door. Everyone booked it for the clothes when I ran (not a small feat in jelly jacks and a piko dress) to the home wares. I was one of the first people there and got EVERYTHING I wanted in the home section. I ran back to the clothing but it was too late. Everything was gone. One lonely XXL dress hung on the Lilly for Target rack. When I blinked, it was gone too.

Lilly for Target Fitting Room

After rifling through the beauty products, I went to go wait in the fitting room area waiting for cast offs with the other Lilly lovers. I ended up getting a pair of WAY too big shorts, a shift dress and another dress for a friend. I bought some baby clothes for my sister’s friend then I finally checked out.

I spent triple what I thought I was going to spend but yet, I want more. Why? I have no clue.

I think I’ve visited Target at least half a dozen times since the launch. #LillyForTarget has become my obsession. I’ve gone during my lunch break and after work. I ask customer service and the fitting rooms for the castoffs. But, are those pom pom shorts really worth it? Would I even want them this bad if they were readily available? I think I just like the thrill of the chase.


What did everyone else get during the sale? I love to read about everyone’s Lilly hauls! Leave a comment or tweet me!

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Lilly Pulitzer’s New Year Cheer Sale Haul

Thursday was a stressful, yet exciting, day for any Lilly lover. Lilly Pulitzer has semiannual sales and the only word to describe them is pandemonium (fitting since thats a Lilly print). If you’re looking for something specific, or to snag a steal, you have to be sitting at your computer with your fingers ready right when they start the sale. I’m talking refresh the browser at 7:59:59 ready.

Once the sale goes up, you should click on what you wanted most. I want swim for my upcoming USVI trip and a scarf for this NW GA weather. Prioritizing is key with any Lilly sale. Once I saw the suit I wanted (only $30 for set, I did buy the wrong patterns on accident but more on that later) and a fun murphee for 29, I went to find a deal on some clothing.



I ended up with a Hart top in Cyan Blue Gigi and a Cassie dress in a lime green stripe (which I thought would be perfect for the trip!) Everything was such a good deal during this sale, but almost all was final sale.



Not me, this is from the Pink Pelican, a Lilly via store.

I also looked at the accessories and got a desk calendar, a stuffed shells raft for $5 (I’m going to be floating in style), and an ADPi dry erase board for my cube.

My only problem with this sale is that I accidentally mixed up my bathing suit patterns. So when I realized it, luckily, there was the other bottom still there. I figured I would just wear a white top with the oops bottoms since they were final sale.

All in all, I did great ~150 for all this stuff. I rocked it out.

Did you buy anything during this Lilly Pulitzer sale? Let me know in the comments!