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Having fun in the Blue Grass State

Another one of my (many) road trips in March was to Lexington, Kentucky for a concert from country singer Deana CarterIMG_6486

One of my work tasks this year was to help manage a contest with the singer and the sorority. Chapters raised money for our international philanthropy, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the chapter that raised the most funds per sister won a private concert with Deana.

Beta Psi Chapter at the University of Kentucky are perennial philanthropy power houses and raised a whopping $340 per sister to take home the prize. My co-worker Anna Kate and I traveled to the Bluegrass State to assist with the concert and congratulate the chapter in person.

After the concert, we took a quick walking tour of the University of Kentucky’s campus before getting dinner with some sisters.

IMG_6686 IMG_6691 IMG_6699

I had to get a picture of some UK Basketball players! 


We decided this was our HS senior picture post.


Thank you Beta Psi for a great visit! I’ll have to come back to Kentucky and explore Lexington further and thank you Deana for a great concert, as always!

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Read my Guest Post on Your Sorority Sister about taking great pictures for Bid Day! I am still very involved in my sorority (Read my post about Bid Day as an Alum) and thought these tips would be great for collegians and all the PR chairs out there (not just ADPi). Here’s just a taste of my post…

It’s hard to believe that Bid Day is practically here! Some schools are starting recruitment this week! Cue panic… But the one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is getting great Bid Day pictures. Here are some tips to get the best shots during your celebration.

Visit Your Sorority Sister to read more and find out my favorite tips and tricks for great Bid Day photography!

Have you read my post already? What are you tips and tricks for great Bid Day pictures? Let me know in the comments below!

International Badge Day

Florida On My Mind-Badge

Today, as you all may know, is NPC’s International Badge Day! I wore my pin proudly today and I forgot how good it felt to put it on. I added some dangles since I last wore it (trying to keep up with the Jones this coming summer at Convention) and felt pretty spiffy all day.

I think the thing I love most about my badge is the history behind it. Alpha Delta Pi was founded over 160 years ago (before the Civil War to put it into context). Here’s a blurb about the ADPi pin from the Alpha Delta Pi website.

“The first diamond-shaped badge was worn by the Adelpheans in 1852. Stars were not included on this first badge, but it did have a monogram of the Wesleyan pin attached to the badge by a link chain, thus forming a guard.

In 1854, the stars were added, but it was not until 1874 that the stars and the clasped hands were raised. This design remained with only slight modifications until 1906 when, at Alpha Delta Pi’s first convention, Nanaline King presented a new design for the pin. Her design was a smaller gold badge with a black enamel center which pictured the clasped hands, the two stars, and the greek letters, Alpha Delta Phi. This design was adopted by the convention and is the same pin we have today, with Alpha Delta Phi being changed to Alpha Delta Pi at the 1913 convention.”

Sorry for the length but I love the history. The pin hasn’t changed for a century. Thousands of sisters have worn the same clasped hands.

My badge also has a personal history. I was initiated by my mom with her pin. I purposely got the same style to remind me of her and our ADPi sisterhood. The only difference is, she has garnet points and I have sapphire points. My sister now is the keeper of my mother’s pin and she was initiated with it as well with my mom and I both there. Three family members, three different chapters and universities, one sisterhood. That is Alpha Delta Pi in my mind.

Did you participate in Badge Day this year? Let me know in the comments!

Bid Day as a New Alum

Scrolling through my Instagram feed I see my sisters’ smiling faces, new tshirts, letters, ADPi swag and around 70 people that I have no clue who they are. Today is my sorority’s Bid Day and I’m stuck in Georgia.

When you think about it, this is the first time in 4 years that I haven’t experienced the fun of Bid Day, or as some say sorority women say, a day better than Christmas. Seeing all of the excitement is making me think back to all of the great memories I have as being an undergraduate member.


My first bid day as an Alpha. This was my class.

This was my first Bid Day as an Alpha, what my sorority calls a new member. The University of Miami has formal recruitment in the spring and I remember itching to become an ADPi all during the fall semester. ADPi was love at first sight for me and I loved seeing their name on my bid card (I still have it saved somewhere too!, maybe I should frame it!)

Recruitments came and went and I learned how much I love my sisterhood (late nights, rumbling stomachs, and a common goal can do that for ya). I loved being on the inside and recruiting PNMs but I wanted more so, my senior year, I applied to be a rho gamma, or recruitment counselor.

recruitment 165651_1604253066119_5637364_n

I got the position (along with some of my favorite sisters and best friends) and starting the fall of my senior year eager for a new experience. Disaffiliation happened and I realized. I had NOTHING to wear that didn’t have letters, even my favorite cup had to stay at home. That involved having to buy a sweatshirt at the bookstore when Miami had it’s cold day (yes I said day).

Recruitment week came and I loved everyone of my Rho Gamma group members. We had fun together. We laughed in an fraternity suite and had moments of disappointment and tears when someone didn’t have the outcome that they hoped.


My amazing Rho Gamma Group before reveal!

Then came bid day! Most knew my affiliation (I forgot to delete my pinterest board–oops!) but some still had no clue. At UM, we reveal on the rock, which is in the middle of campus, you wear a large shirt then take it off to reveal your new affiliation. I still remember trying my hardest to hide my pale pink that was peeking out of the forest green. A play by play of reveal is below!


I had a blast at reveal and was almost tackled to the ground, (it’s good to feel loved). The seniors reminisced on the last four years and I loved seeing some of my group members become members of the first and finest (one even ended up in my family)!


Here is a picture of all the seniors during out last Bid Day.

But now my chapter is embarking on a chapter of their own. Being a sorority member, you see how cyclical everything is. There will always be new undergraduate members and seniors graduating and moving on to new parts of their lives. The feel of the chapter can change and it may not feel like your own but you were always a part of the fabric of that chapter.

Seeing the pictures, tweets, statuses has made me miss my chapter sisters so much but I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapter of Gamma Delta!


My Rho Gamma group members celebrating their first recruitment as active members of ADPi!

What did your sorority do for Bid Day? If you’re an alum, does this resonate with you? Let me know in the comments!