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Beast Mode for Pink Friday | #LillyForTarget

#LillyForTarget Haul

So… who doesn’t have a crazy #LillyForTarget story? Maybe it’s because I grew up in Florida and live in the South but EVERYONE I know shopped at Target to battle it out for a pink and green shift on the 19th.

Some stayed up all night scrolling through the #LillyForTarget feed for the elusive mobile links that led to rompers, and home wares before the official launch time. Some, like myself, staked out their local target and waited, for what seems like forever, for them to open before running through the aisles grabbing nail files, makeup bags and the #HolyGrail espresso mugs.

I visited the Target in Little Five Points (an all around hipster target) and got there around 7:20 with Starbucks in hand. I thought I was going to eat my bagel in the car before moseying up to the door around 7:45. Boy was I wrong. There were already around 15-20 people in front of me and I ended up having to stand in a cold drizzle for a few minutes.

Lilly For Target Line

All of the women around me were ranting about the website and some drove in from the suburbs to visit my hipster Target. They were visibly upset about the website. I said something about how the Lilly sales always crash the site and a soccer mom shot back ‘Well this is different. It was worse.’ The line was experiencing some #FirstWorldProblems that’s for sure.

Eight o’clock finally rolled around and they let us in the door. Everyone booked it for the clothes when I ran (not a small feat in jelly jacks and a piko dress) to the home wares. I was one of the first people there and got EVERYTHING I wanted in the home section. I ran back to the clothing but it was too late. Everything was gone. One lonely XXL dress hung on the Lilly for Target rack. When I blinked, it was gone too.

Lilly for Target Fitting Room

After rifling through the beauty products, I went to go wait in the fitting room area waiting for cast offs with the other Lilly lovers. I ended up getting a pair of WAY too big shorts, a shift dress and another dress for a friend. I bought some baby clothes for my sister’s friend then I finally checked out.

I spent triple what I thought I was going to spend but yet, I want more. Why? I have no clue.

I think I’ve visited Target at least half a dozen times since the launch. #LillyForTarget has become my obsession. I’ve gone during my lunch break and after work. I ask customer service and the fitting rooms for the castoffs. But, are those pom pom shorts really worth it? Would I even want them this bad if they were readily available? I think I just like the thrill of the chase.


What did everyone else get during the sale? I love to read about everyone’s Lilly hauls! Leave a comment or tweet me!

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After Party Sale Haul

Last daySource: Lilly Pulitzer

This is it. Today is the last day for the After Party Sale. I ended up with some great stuff during this year’s sale and there’s still lots of goodies on the Lilly website.

Here’s what I got during the After Party Sale!

mai tai scarf

Murfee Scarf in Mai Tai $118 $29

I LOVE this print and it’s been my iPad background since it came out. I’m excited to finally have a piece in this print. In my experience, scarves always sell out first. So I checked the scarves right at 8 to snag this. I think it sold out within the hour. PS this also came today. Talk about fast shipping!

phone case

Lilly iPhone 5s Case in Resort White Coastal Patch $32 $9

I’ve been rocking the same Kate Spade silicon case I found at Norstrom Rack since I got my new phone last winter. I was looking for a new case to change it up and this one was too cute to pass up. The Lilly cases have drastically upgraded their quality from the earlier cases so I’m excited to get this in the mail.

leigh trouser

Leigh Trouser in Navy $168 $39

I’ve been looking for some navy pants for work and I thought these were a good deal. I haven’t bought trousers from Lilly so hopefully the fit and quality are there. I think these will be a great piece for Fall/Winter.

beach sweater 2

Marielle Sweater in Watermelon $98 $29

This is another piece I wanted to take me into Fall/Winter for work. I’ve been wanting this sweater since it came out last Christmas so I’m excited for it to arrive! I’m a little nervous about this one shipping. I bought the pants and this in the same order and the pants shipped but this hasn’t yet. Cross your fingers this isnt sold out!

boarding bag

Boarding Bag in Navy $198 $49

This was a last minute impulse buy. Last Christmas, I almost bought the Mai Tai version with my Christmas money. The Mai Tai sold out by the time I say it but I’m glad I got the navy instead. I know this will be a great purchase and work well for travel. I also bought a little green makeup bag for $9 with this order. I think the two will work well together.

Bonus Tip

After the sale is over, be on the lookout for Rue La La sales. Every time Lilly has a sale like this, they usually have a Rue La La sale the week after.


Did you buy anything from the sale? 


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My Beach Essentials

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand
Life is good today. Life is good today.

This Easter, I’m taking the long road trip back home to SWFL to visit my mom and I seriously CANNOT WAIT.

Sanibel IslandVia Pinterest

Growing up in Florida, I was always 30 minutes away from a beach. There is water everywhere. I even had to take a bridge to go to my high school. Atlanta has lakes but nothing beats the Gulf.

In high school, during the summer, I would go to the beach almost every weekend. Since I went so often, I’ve edited my beach bag to only the essentials.

Here’s what I pack in my beach bag when I want to visit the beach. 

My Beach Essentials |



Large beach towel: The larger the better. There’s nothing worse than getting sand all over you when you’re trying to tan. A huge beach towel helps to keep you, and your stuff, sand-free.

Frozen water: Frozen water is a must for the beach. This one is kind of a no brainer for me. It keeps your snacks and other drinks cold and when it starts to melt you have ice cold water. It really helps on a hot day.

Sunscreen: This is another no brainer. I normally bring one for my body and a higher SPF for my face. Sometimes, I layer tanning oil on after the sunscreen because who doesnt want to glisten and smell like a coconut?

Snacks: Out of my group of friends, I’m always the only person who ever brings snacks. So I always bring tons. I really like to bring frozen grapes and baby carrots to the beach. I also like granola bars, like these Kind bars. They’re just something easy to toss into your bag and keep you full until dinner.

Fully charged iPod/Phone: The beach is just better with some beach tunes. Bonus points if you bring a sneaker! I love to make a beachy country playlist at the beginning of the summer. Kenny Chesney just puts me in the mood to bronze, lol. Comment below if you would like for me to make one before I leave for Easter!

Cover-ups: When I go to the beach, I normally head there in an easy dress (Like a Lilly Pulitzer slub dress) and leave  in norts and a sorority shirt. I really want these Lauren James shorties that I added to my graphic. Hopefully, I can end up snagging myself a pair before the summer.

What’s in your beach bag? Do you bring something that I should add to my essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

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Kiss Me I’m Irish

I know St. Patrick’s Day is this Monday but, let’s face it, this drinking holiday is celebrated on the weekend.

I’m going to be going to a parade and then day drinking all day with some friends so I want to wear something casual and festive but still cute (for all of these Instagram posts). Here’s what I’m thinking about wearing.

St. Patricks Day Style |

Polyvore Set

I have a green top that I’m going to pair with jeans. I wish I can pair it with that orange necklace from Bauble Bar but I sadly don’t have it. (It’s going on my wishlist for sure!) So, I’ll probably end up wearing some cheap beads. I’m going to be wearing boots in case it gets muddy and a cute cross body so I can be hands free.

I’m also going to Target tonight in hopes of finding some cute buttons and maybe a koozie. Hopefully, it isnt sold out of St. Patrick’s Day stuff by the time I get there.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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Spring Forward

Is it bad that I still haven’t gotten used to the time change? At least Daylight Savings Time means something more than just lost sleep… SPRING IS HERE!

Granted, it will be a little too chilly in Atlanta tomorrow for my taste but the past few days have been beautiful. And now that the sun doesn’t set until seven, I can take a walk in Piedmont Park after work before it gets dark.

Spring also means Spring fashion. My mind has made the shift from North Face jackets and boots to pastels and Lilly. Check out some of the Spring items that are making my shopping wish list!

Spring Forward |

Striped Oxford Pullover // Cork Saddlebag // Georgica Sandal // Morrison Lace Overlay Dress // Lola Skimmer // Nautical Flag Scarf // Tortoise Maxine Cuff

Do you have anything that you HAVE to buy this Spring? What do you think of your favorite stores’ Spring Lines? Let me know in the comments below!

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Macy’s Estée Lauder Skin Care and Foundation Finders and this Cute Lilly GWP

Lilly Loves Estee Lauder

If you’re a Lilly Lover, I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Estée Lauder Lilly Pullitzer collection. But, you may not have heard of the Estée Lauder skincare and foundation finders on

I have a lot of makeup/skincare products but I still don’t know what to buy when I go up to the makeup counter. Now that I’m almost 25, I’m starting to think about anti-aging products. It’s never too early, right? I used the Macy’s Estée Lauder skincare finder and they gave me some great products to ask about when I go into Macy’s to scope out this free gift in person.

Look at everything you get inside!

Look at everything you get inside!

The gift with purchase is a great deal! You get a free 7-Pc. gift with any $35 Estée Lauder purchase through and you get the cute limited edition palettes and the make up case. The picture shows the free gift with both options: subtle and bold. I like both sets but I think subtle might be better for everyday wear.

There isn’t that much time left to get the case. The GWP ends March 23rd. I’m not sure if I will purchase it or not (I’m still trying to be frugal, despite the lack of Frugal Fridays) but I think it’s too cute not to take a look!

Check out this post on the Lilly Pulitzer blog to see the future Estée Lauder GWPs. Can makeup bags be like Pokemon? I just got catch em all! (corny alert)

Are you going to get the latest Lilly Pulitzer Estée Lauder make up case? Did you try the Skin Care and Foundation Finders? Let me know in the comments below!

Clients|Estee Lauder

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Ame and Lulu Clutch

Ame and Lulu edited

I won this super cute Ame and Lulu jewelry clutch from blogger Citrus and Style and I wanted to share it with y’all. I love the print and I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of this organizer. I’m going home for Easter next month and I’m definitely bringing this along to store all of my jewelry during my road trip.

Ame and Lulu Jewelry Clutch inside|


I love how this clutch has a place for rings. You also can use the snaps to keep necklaces de-tangled. I don’t wear too much jewelry when I’m on vaycay so this is perfect for me. Thanks Citrus and Style and Ame and Lulu!

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