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Last Minute Gift Idea: Hot Coco DIY

Hot Coco DIY |

Hello everyone! Today, I have a great last minute gift idea that is perfect if you’re low on funds but need to make some small gifts for neighbors, coworkers or friends.

Now I can’t take full credit. The FUN Committee and I made these hot chocolate mixes as little office presents to accompany the ornament we received at our annual Holiday luncheon and I think they were a big hit! I haven’t used mine but I’m going to bring it home so I can test it out.

It’s super simple.

All you need is…

  • some mason jars
  • hot coco mix (we used Walmart brand plain)
  • some hot chocolate add ins (we had marshmallows, chocolate chips and crushed candy canes)
  • Decorating supplies

For these mixes, I put in some marshmallows then added the hot coco mix and some more marshmallows, candy cane pieces etc. Then you screw on the top,w rap a a ribbon around the jar, pop in a candy cane with a festive gift tag and you’re done!

These are also very inexpensive too. It came out to around $2.50 per person and we had lots of supplies left over to make more. I think this little DIY would be great for acquaintances since it’s not too pricey to make a lot of them.

Hot Coco DIY |

Do you have an inexpensive Christmas DIY idea?
Leave them in the comments below!

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Football Door Plaque Tutorial


We’re in the thick of college football season and I wanted to come up with a way to support my Miami Hurricanes here in Atlanta. I was meandering in and out of the aisles of Michaels trying to figure out what to make. I originally wanted to make a wreath with ribbon all over but I saw this wooden plaque and thought it would be a great and easy idea.

Everything was plain wood so I painted the the plaque orange on one side with the back being green. I also added green polka dots to the front to create some whimsy. For the letters, I spray painted them white and then added some Martha Stewart glitter sealer. The final piece was a brown piece of glitter paper that I cut into a football shape and did the white with puffy paint. Some helpful tips, when painting the plaque use some plastic cups to prop it up, it makes it a lot easier to get the edges. Also don’t forget to seal everything with modpodge, that’s how it gets nice and shiny.

I think it came our great.


A Coral addition to my coastal living room

This is the new coral bulletin board for my over my desk area. It was so easy and simple to do. I love Pinterest for finding this fun project. I got the how-to from the blog two twenty one. You can find the how-to link here.

The thing I love most about it is the fabric. It’s durable and the colors look great with the rest of my living room.

The board before any decorations.