Only 37 days until Christmas – Holiday DIY

Christmas craft


Does anyone else think we’ve just skipped Thanksgiving completely?! Every blogger I follow has been posting gift guides and the stores are inundated with snowmen and Kris Kringle.

I was in the mood to do a little Christmas crafting and thank a coworker who gave me an awesome space heater. She loves decorating for the seasons and I know she will appreciate this little canvas.

This canvas is pretty simple to craft and very inexpensive. The canvas was $7.99 for a five pack at Michael’s and the Santa is from Michael’s as well (and only $1.25). I bought some glitter paint to supplement my reds and greens and that was it! I already had the chalkboard paint (which is super cheap by the way at only 69 cents a small bottle).

santaHere’s a little close up of my jolly St. Nick. Michael’s had a great selection of little wooden ornaments and he was among Christmas trees and gingerbread men. I made his skin color with a mix of white, yellow and pink and added more pink to the mix for the rosy cheeks.

craftA little craft tip I’ve learned is to lay everything out before you start. It sounds like common sense, but I’ve ruined many a crafting project because I got too impatient and tried to YOLO it and failed.

Another thing I always do is trace the lettering. has great fonts on their website. I usually find one that I like and use that for the lettering. After I transferย the letters onto a piece of paper (I don’t have a printer). I pencil the back of the paper. The lead of the pencil transfers to the canvas and then you just trace!

And volia! Finished, cute, Christmas-y canvas.

Christmas craft I know my coworker is going to love it and I really want to recreate it for myself. I have some plans for 2 of the canvases but I have 2 more that I can play around with. Do you amp up your crafting for the Holiday season? I would love to hear everyone’s ideas for the remaining two canvases!

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