Spring Cleaning: Patio Makeover

Patio Makeover | www.flonmymind.com

I think I’ve become an adult. I spent the whole day Saturday cleaning my patio and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I decided to renew my lease. So since I’ll be here for another year, I wanted to actually start using my outdoor space and make it a nice outdoor area for lounging and entertaining.

I had almost everything already but I did buy some new plants and a little table. This transformation is practically all elbow grease.

Patio Before | www.flonmymind.com

I wish I did a true before picture but this is what my patio looked like after I started to sweep and clean stuff off. It was gross. All the plants were dead. Dirt and pollen was everywhere and the grill needed to be cleaned.

And here are the afters!

Patio After 1 | www.flonmymind.com

Patio After 2 | www.flonmymind.com

Patio Flowers 1 | www.flonmymind.com      Patio Flowers 1 | www.flonmymind.com

I swept and mopped the floor and cleaned the grill. After that I went to Ikea to get the cute little table and then I headed to the Home Depot to get some plants. I got a cherry tomato, regular tomato, two strawberry plants, mint and some annuals. I only spent $15 which wasn’t too bad since plants are always pricey.

After buying everything, I just wanted to lounge on the couch. But I was determined to finish. I planted everything, swept and mopped again (potting soil and I don’t get along) and then basked in the glory of such a nice patio.

I can’t wait to hang out on the patio on the weekends and start using the grill. I can definitely see myself chilling out there in the mornings with a cup of coffee and reading blogs on my iPad. It’s like I have a whole new room in my apartment.

Do you have any spring cleaning projects? Let me know in the comments below!


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