Goals and Priorities

Do you ever read those articles on Levo League or Thought Catalog about all the things you have to be doing as 20 somethings?  I should be branding myself, and thinking about the future while also living free with no regrets and just being a free spirit. Everyone in their 20s are confused. And the articles aren’t helping.

Leading up to Christmas, I had way to many goals. I was spinning myself in all directions and I was only getting dizzy. I wanted to blog post every day, start a YouTube channel, build my social media following, dance more, spend more time with my friends, tackle debt. You name it, it was my goal.

I started off the New Year with the same mindset but a few weeks in I was already getting burned out. I decided to figure out what my main goal was and I’ve been focusing on that moving forward and that alone. Some of my other stuff, like this blog, has fallen to the wayside, unfortunately. Sorry to vaguebook (well vague blog really) but I don’t want to put my main goal on the internet just yet.

I will still be blogging I just be posting like I was before Christmas. I think blogging is so much fun but  I want to produce quality content and not days upon days of mediocre posts. I already have some ideas swirling around in my head and I hopefully will be jotting them down soon.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

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