Creating a Car Emergency Kit

If you haven’t seen the news, Atlanta has gone all out cray over the snow we had on Tuesday. People were stranded on the interstates for HOURS, people abandoned their cars and slept in home depots, kids were stuck at school or, even worse, on a school  bus trapped on the interstate.

Atlanta Transportation had an #EPICFAIL and is continuing to fail as we speak. That being said, all this crazy weather and traffic conditions made me realize that if I was stuck on the highway I would be majorly out of luck. So I decided to create a little car emergency kit in case I ever get trapped anywhere.  I found a great list on the Red Cross website that covers most of the basics.

Here are some of the items I’m going to throw in my trunk…

Car Emergency Kit

Car Emergency Kit by flonmymind 

Old Sneakers. I’m going to throw an old pair of sneakers in my trunk in case I need to walk anywhere after being stranded.

Water bottles. Sure these may freeze in the cold but they will help if I’m stuck somewhere.

Nonperishable snacks. If I was trapped on I75 for 10 hours I’m sure I’ll get hungry. I need to buy some emergency snacks to stash in my trunk.

blanket. If it’s freezing, a blanket would help (insert duh here). They also help if you have to sleep in your car or if you’re stuck on the side on the road and don’t want to sit on the grass. I already have a couple blankets in my car for this purpose.

Roadside/first aid kit. I don’t have any kit like this but it is definitely necessary in an emergency. I do have Triple A but they won’t be able to help if they can’t get to you.

What would you add to my car emergency kit?
Let me know in the comments below!

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