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So this weekend has been the laziest of weekends and I’m not minding it one bit. It’s still cold in Atlanta so I’m taking this opportunity to just chill. I did go to Sweetwater Brewery and out to dinner with friends on Friday night and that was a lot of fun! Sometimes all you need is a girl’s night to make your weekend.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to this week. T-Pain’s “Up Down” Be forewarned, this is EXPLICIT but it’s my total jam. I love T-Pain way too much sometimes whenever I hear a new auto-tuned song of his it becomes my new party anthem.

P.s. I was going to put the lyric video up for y’all but I never thought a butt could move like that so I put up the music video instead 😛

Links I love this week…

–  I love this idea of virtual Spring Cleaning from Olivia, Prep Essentials. I’m going to expand on this and try to clean up my laptop. I also need an external hard drive so I don’t lose all of my pictures/music when this things goes kaput. 

–  I’ve been loving the Daily Muse lately. Check out some of my favorite posts from this week: How to get more likes on Instagram (apparently a duck face helps),  5 Common Mistakes You’re Making with your Email Signature, and 5 Emergency Situations You Must Prepare For (and 5 You Can Ignore)

–  This egg white wrap from Chelsie’s Food Files looks so good! 

– ICYMI, here’s some of my blog posts from this week: Frugal Friday, Winter Workout Wear, Help, and My Busy Work Day Essentials.

–  I know my birthday has passed but I love everything in Brooke Du Jour‘s Birthday wish list!

What posts, articles or blogs have you been loving this week?
Let me know in the comments below!

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