Frugal Friday: Week 4

Frugal Friday |

Hi guys! I know I missed week 3 but honestly there wasn’t much to report. January has been a lean month and it’s been hard trying to curb my spending (Christmas just gets in a spendy mood). I have good news and bad news this week.

Good news first! I already filled my tax refund and I’m going to be paying off two cards (damn you T.J. Maxx and your 26% interest rate), putting some more on another card, adding to my savings and leaving some money for more dance classes! Maybe I’m becoming a grown up after all?!

Bad news. I spend WAY too much money at Publix and I went $70 over my grocery budget of $150. I have to stay positive. It’s only the first month I’ve really been tracking. I did end up spending a lot replacing paper products/cleaning supplies so hopefully I can keep it under my goal for next month.

Without further ado, this week’s Frugal Friday…

– I’m sticking to my meal plan that I made last week and I have enough food to last me until pay day!

– I got a free lunch from Panera yesterday as a thank you for hard work!

– I went to Homegoods and spent just enough to make me happy about the shopping but I still have $3 on my gift card. I bought an awesome Chipotle seasoning grinder and some clearance cards. I also put back the thank you notes I didn’t need.

– I’m trying to keep my heat bill down. Let’s see if this works!

– I got some free Sally Hansen nail polish to review for being an Influenster member. Be on the lookout for my review next week!

P.s. guys, if you were wondering about which magazine I picked in the last Frugal Friday,  I decided to get both Shape and Fitness. They were too cheap not to get both!

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