Winter Weekend Fashion

It is almost the weekend and boy do I need it. On the weekends do you stay in and be lazy or do you run errands? I’ve got two Polyvore sets for your winter weekend fashion inspiration.

Running Errands, Weekend Fashion | www.flonmymind.comPolyvore Set

Staying In, Weekend Fashion | www.flonmymind.comPolyvore Set

Which one of these sets will fit your weekend best? Don’t forget to pin your favorite!

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2 thoughts on “Winter Weekend Fashion

  1. Jen

    When I first opened the window and saw the graphic, I was like “What does she do on the weekends?” because my choice is number 2 without a doubt. Option 1 would be for very special occasions. Haha!

    1. Joanie O. Post author

      bahahah most times it’s the latter one but I have some cute clothes I never get to wear so I try to look a little fancy every once in a while 🙂


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