Frugal Friday: Week 1 of 2014!

Frugal Friday |

Getting myself out of vacation mode has been a struggle. Pair that with the cold temps Atlanta is having and I’m surprised I made it out of the house today and yesterday. I’m planning a weekend of staying home and milling around my apartment organizing for the new year.

I go too crazy when I went to Miami. I’m going to dinner and a movie with friends but I think I’m going to keep the price down to a reasonable amount. Did anyone make finance-based New Year’s resolutions? I’m still cementing my goals and I would love to hear what you came up with!

This week’s Frugal Friday…

– I got this J.Crew dress in cobalt blue for under $25 (orig. $168). I am going to debut this at a conference I’m going to in May.

– I only spent around $60 on the return trip from Miami to Atlanta. So in total, driving cost me $120 instead of probably over $500 for a plane ticket. Big savings!

– I ate snacks from my Mom on the way back to GA and resisted to stop and buy lunch. I did end up buying breakfast and getting Jimmy Johns for dinner.

– I only spent $25 on groceries on Wednesday and it’s going to last me until Sunday. That equals around $6.81 per day on food. (I did factor in my dinner out tonight so my math could have gone awry)

Do you have any money related New Year’s resolutions?
Let me know in the comments below!

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