Social Media Tips and Tidbits

I’m not sure if I elaborated too much about my job on here but for those who don’t know I’m the marketing and communications person for the organization I work for which means I’m their social media manager (among many other things).

So yep, I am on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest for 40 hours a week. Naturally I’ve picked up a tip or two and I’m not sure why I’m just starting to share them with y’all. At work, I like to call them #protips when I email my coworkers and hopefully these tips and tidbits will help you as well.

Social Media Tips for bloggers |

I say these tips are bloggers but they really are for anyone who wants to gain their following on social media.

– Schedule your tweets. Yes, even for yourself.  I feel like I always have so much I want to share (great articles, new blog posts, recipes) and scheduling helps with this. I use the free version of Hootsuite to schedule and I’ve connected my personal Twitter, LinkedIn and blog Facebook page for easy sharing among platforms. My goal is to share a fun article/recipe/blog post at least once a day on Twitter and a work related article on LinkedIn once a week.

When you would want to post your Instagram on Twitter and other platforms, don’t use the sharing buttons. Rather upload the picture as new and then copy + paste the caption. This way, you can change the tags to the make them work with the platform you’re using (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Plus now it will show up as a picture and not a link on Twitter! It’s really easy to remember once you get into the habit. I also do this for work and I definitely have seen more interaction when I use this tip.

Creating Twitter Lists |

Click to enlarge.

Create Twitter Lists. I think lists are the most underrated thing on Twitter and they’re my favorite Twitter tool. Basically lists is just a way to filter who you follow. If I just want to read about Luke Bryan I can go to my Country list. If I want to see what some of my favorite bloggers are up to I go to that list. If I want to window shop I go to my shopping list. You can also make them private. I have private lists for my friends. Hopefully the last list doesnt make me sound too stalkerish. Create a list to test it out. I’m sure you’ll never go back!

I hope some of these help you step up your #socialmediagame. If you want some more advice, you can tweet me!

What’s your best social media tip?

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