November’s Instagram Recap

It’s my birthday month!!!! How the Hell did that happen? Seriously, I feel like I was tanning just a few weeks ago. Oh yeah, I was lol. But Miami plays by its own rules.

I had a jam-packed November and I can’t wait to share my favorite Instagram posts from the past month!

If you want to see more of my Instagram adventures follow me at @njoben.

November in Miami |  South Beach |

Left: The weather was beautiful for my trip to Miami early in the month. Here’s the view of the Atlantic Ocean from the South Beach Sand.

Right: South Beach is know for its Art Deco architecture. Here’s a quick snap of one of the Art Deco hotels lining the shore.


Pasta |  Pumpkin Spice Latte |

I was very into sharing my food this month. 

Left: Here’s a simple, cheap meal that I made with penne pasta, frozen meatballs and jarred vodka sauce that I spiced up with bell peppers, diced tomatoes and herbs. This was definitely a lazy meal but it’s super tasty. I also liked how it looked with the white plate on my wooden cutting board and a meatball peeking out from under the pasta.

Right: Here’s a shot of my Pumpkin Spice Latte from West Egg Cafe. My mom, sister and I hit up the hot spot for brunch and it was fantastic! I had the classic eggs benedict and my mouth is watering as I’m typing this. It’s that good.


Sisters at Stone Mountain |  Garden Lights at Atlanta Botanical Gardens |

Left: Here’s a picture of my sister and I at Stone Mountain. We went to Stone Mountain to look at the fall foilage and to feel country. It was cold but we had a great time and everything was so pretty. We also learned a bit about the carving and about the Civil War in Georgia. We’re all a little bit nerdy so it was fun!

Right: When my fam was visiting, we went to Garden Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was super cold when we went but the lights were fantastic. The Gardens puts up over 1 million Christmas lights for the display. We strolled through the different sections of the gardens with a spiked hot coco and took wayyyyyy too many pictures of everything!


Thanksgiving 1 |  Thanksgiving 2 |

And last but not least, my Thanksgiving on Instagram. 

Left: Here’s a picture of our Thanksgiving table decorations. If you read my post on Thanksgiving Table Style, you already knew I was going for something similar to my office luncheon.

Right: Look more food on Instagram! But it was Thanksgiving, so I had to, right? We had a great Thanksgiving feast and I have so many leftovers overfilling my freezer. I didn’t contribute to the dinner too much this year (It’s hard to cook as one person in my tiny kitchen let alone two) but I did make the mashed potatoes!

How was your November? I’d love to read (and see) your Instagram-worthy moments from the last month!


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