College Game Day Fashion

‘Canes win! Woo! It took three weeks for me to finally be able to say that again but at least my ‘Canes have snapped out of their losing streak.

I watched this game at home in some yoga pants and my favorite Miami sweatshirt but I saw some crazy game day style when I was in Miami for Homecoming. A lot of the outfit choices this season were still prevalent in my last Game Day fashion post but there was even less clothing. Crop tops and highwaisted jorts have taken over the Miami tailgating scene. I, for one, am glad I’m no longer an undergrad. I don’t think that would be my best look.

orange stripe dress

When I was down for Homecoming, I wore this dress from Lilly Pulitzer with some worn-out Jack Rogers sandals and I had an old, small, neon pink and canvas crossbody bag. Since we play in an NFL stadium we had to abide by the NFL rules on teeny-tiny purses.

It rained during the entire time during our loss to Va Tech but this dress was pretty comfortable when it was dry. Miami is definitely not like a SEC school in terms of style so most students wear comfy clothing and this casual dress was perfect for tailgating. I think the fact that it was a knit/t-shirt material aided in its casualness.

Talking about the SEC, my sister goes to a SEC school and I love to hear about her Lilly dresses and game day buttons but I’m not sure if I would to be that dressed up all season long. I haven’t seen much about northern schools but what happens when it gets cold? The team is going up to Pitt next week and I have no idea what I would wear if I had to go to a game in the cold.

Game day style can differ so much between region and conference and I think that’s is so interesting. So tell me…


What is the Game Day style at your school/Alma Mater?
Let me know in the comments below!


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