Some of My Favorite YouTubers

I don’t know about y’all but I’m on YouTube more than 12 year old girl. I watch everything on there, Beauty Gurus, dance videos, dance tutorial videos, healthy living vloggers. I run the gamut. I’m always searching through tags and finding unboxing hauls, get read with me, watching people’s morning routines I just think it’s fun.

A part of me has always wanted to create a YouTube channel. I don’t know what I would post or even if anyone would watch but it would be cool to see how much work goes into a short YouTube video.

Here are the YouTubers that fill my subscription feed…


Elle Fowler is the Beauty Guru that made me watch and subscribe to other beauty gurus and I’ve been watching her forever. She posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Anthem Lights

Acoustic mash ups. NUFF SAID.


Sarahbelle93x is a beauty guru that is transitioning to a fashion vlogger. I love some of her videos but some are meh. She is very successful at the moment.

New York City Ballet

I miss ballet so much. Subscribing to NYCB helps me reminisce about pointe shoes and tendus.


Another beauty vloger (well vlogers) here. They are a new follow of mine and they’re sisters that vlog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Typical fun beauty gurus. They always have fun videos to watch and vlog about three times a week.

Shit Southern Girls Say

If you live in the south and need a laugh, watch all of the videos on this channel. This series is hilarious!!

Do you have a fav YouTuber you’d think I love? Leave them in the comments below. I love to follow new vlogs!

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