Links I Love: Week 7

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Hi everyone! I can’t believe the weekend has gone by so quickly. I am NOT ready for a full week of work. We are hosting a Thanksgiving potluck on Thursday so I have some Fun Committee tasks I need to get done before then but I’m super excited. I will use my work DSLR and hopefully capture some nice pictures of the decor. We’re going with simple and elegant.

Last week, I put my current jam and I think it might become a weekly thing. This week, I’m loving Cole Swindell’s Chillin’ It. He’s a GA country artist so Atlanta country radio has really been promoting his debut single. It’s the perfect car jam. Listen and tell me what you think!

Links I love this week…

– I’m already planning on making garlic mashed potatoes for the potluck but, if I wasn’t, Budget Bytes has a great Thanksgiving Round Up of recipes.

– Looking for a new Winter nail polish? Check our this Essie giveaway from the College Prepster.

– Rue La La just posted this “Pack like a Pro” post after I left for my trip but they have some good tips! Check it our here.

– My cube is a disaster zone right now. I hope this article from the Daily Muse “The Messy Person’s Guide to Staying Organized” helps!

– ICYMI, here’s a blog post of mine about my Holiday Baking Plan.

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