Things to do in… Miami, FL

Things to do in... Miami |


I said in yesterday’s post I was going to write a Miami recap and you didn’t have to wait long cause here it is! I’m using my “Things to do in…” travel series to talk about the fun I had at Homecoming. P.s. please excuse any typos in this, I’m watching the Miami/Duke game right now and it’s hard to type, heckle, bite my nails and curse all at the same time.

Where to Explore…

Miami such a great city to explore just because there is so much to do. You can hit the beach, go shopping, dance the night away or catch a game. Tanning is one of my favorite things to do and Miami has two beaches to tan the day away. You can go to Key Biscayne and visit Bill Baggs State Park where everything is rustic. Or you can people watch and head to South Beach.

South beach


My friend and I went to South Beach one day during my trip just because it was more convenient for us but we both said we liked Key Biscayne better. South Beach is mainly hype and full of little tourist traps and people who wear wedges to the beach. In my opinion, the beach is where you get hobo and just tan in the sun not wear tall wedges and bring your Louis. But if it’s your first time going to Miami, South Beach is an experience you can’t miss. The people watching alone will make the day worth it.

University of Miami

We also paid a visit back to the University of Miami campus. I had the best experience during my four years at The U and it was really fun going back. It’s only been two years but they have changed so much! My friends and I got a drink at the new Rat and explored the new Student Activities Center.

We also went to the game and it was at Sun Life Stadium where the Miami Dolphins also play. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the stadium just because it’s like any other NFL stadium. I’ll tell you this, UM fans sure know how to tailgate. 😉

Where to Eat…

Check out the view at Monty's!

Check out the view at Monty’s!

We kicked off the weekend by going to Monty’s Raw Bar happy hour on Friday. We would go to Monty’s practically every week during senior year and it’s just great. I normally order a Pina Colada and they are perfect. They pour heavy on the rum too. The best part about Monty’s is that it’s situated on the water by a marina. The Tiki Bar is all outside and you get to sip boat drinks near all the boats. They also have a raw bar with very inexpensive shrimp, crab, oysters and the like. Most nights, they also have a reggae band. It is one of the highlights of my college weekends.

Monty's Pina Colada Monty's Raw bar

I didn’t go to Yardbird Southern Table and Bar this trip, but it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Miami. Located in South Beach, Yardbird is full of great southern favorites and bourbon/whiskey based cocktails. The meal is mainly served family style and they have great fried chicken, mac and cheese, collards and other southern favorites. It was manned by Chef Jeff Mcinnis of Top Chef fame but when I looked up the spelling of his last name I found ALL sorts of drama. I’m sure it’s still amazing and it was one of Bon Appetit’s 50 best new restaurants in 2012.

We went to Lime for a quick bite to bring with us to the game. Lime is one of the things I miss about Miami. I think it’s better than Moes and Chiptole. We had a Lime in Atlanta for a while but it closed down which was another reason why I needed my fix! If you end up at Lime, get the queso. It’s amazing!

Where to Drink…

Coconut Grove. NUFF SAID. The Grove is a great college bar scene so, naturally, we went to the Grove when I was back. It’s a small enough so that you can easily hop from bar to bar. If college kids ain’t your thing. Brickell is a much better option. I’ve never been to a night club in South Beach (shocker, I know) but if you really want a night on the town then South Beach will be the best place for you!

Round Up Night ClubWe spent Friday night at one of my places in South Florida, Round Up, a country bar, for some line dancing and ladies’ night. Round Up is always too dark and smoky to take any good pictures but it’s lot of fun. On Friday, ladies drink free until 2 a.m. so it makes for a fun, sometimes sloppy, night. You wear your best cowboy boots, go out on the floor and try to learn how to line dance. Some of these people can really move! I don’t know how they got so good at line dancing.

All in All…

Miami is such a big city and there’s always something to do. This is just a sample of how I spent my four years at The U and it was the best way to spend Homecoming. I had the best time and I’m already trying to finagle a way to go back.

The U Statue



Have you ever been to Miami? What are your “Must Do” in your College Town? Let me know in the comments below!


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