Frugal Friday: Week 7

Frugal Friday

I had a BLAST in Miami. It was seriously so fun and I’m already planning my next trip. That being said, I did spend tons of money almost entirely on food and alch.

At first I didn’t want to look at my Mint app, way too scary, but I finally looked and it wasn’t too bad. I used most of my savings but that’s what my savings was for. This week will definitely be a no-spend week. And now..

This week’s Frugal Friday…

  • I wanted to get Panera tonight for dinner but I went home and scavenged for dinner instead.
  • I didn’t buy ANYTHING at the airport… both times #magic
  • I went to Publix on Wednesday the last night before the ad changed to stock up on some sales for Thanksgiving
  • When I was in Miami, I didn’t buy anything when we went shopping.

Happy Friday!

What has been your Frugal feats this Frugal Friday? Let me know in the comments below!

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