Packing Tips

packing tips

My bags are packed I’m ready to head to Miami today! Even though I don’t really need to, I’m checking a bag. Now I will have more than enough options for all of the fun I’m going to have! I’m going out tonight, out tomorrow, football game on Saturday, fun bruch on Sunday and the beach! This trip will be jam-packed!

This will be great as my carry on.

This will be great as my carry on.

I don’t travel too much but, when I do, I usually go overboard on packing my carry-on/purse. I watched this fun video from The College Prepster but I think she packs just as much as I do. I’m always trying to stuff everything under the sun into my new favorite tote.

For this trip, I’m just bringing my purse and I tried to pare down. It’s stuffed with magazines, work I need to read through, my iPad, iPod and phone, my huge headphones so I can rock out, fruit, snacks and some candy I horded from work, an empty water bottle, my chargers, some nail polish, and then the usual purse suspects.

Now I may over stuff a carry on but I do know how to pack a suitcase. I have definitely created a packing routine. For this trip, I added a little more than I normally do because I had space but these are my packing tips!

Here are some packing tips

Try to think of your outfits for each day (including pajamas) before throwing the first tank into your suitcase. I always plan my outfits and it definitely ensures I bring only what I need. For this trip, I used my Evernote app to create a packing list.

– If you’re not checking a bag, travel-size toiletries are your friend and even if you are checking the extra weight is not worth it. You will never use an entire bottle of conditioner on a four day trip. It’s just not possible.

Try to bring shoes that go with multiple outfits. I packed a pair of sneakers, a pair of wedges, my jacks, some versatile brown flats and I’m wearing short boots on. I have a shoe for all of my outfits with only 5 pairs

If there is any chance it might spill, put it in a plastic baggie. No one wants melted chocolate, soap, lotion or perfume all over their bags.

Buy your magazines before you arrive. Walmart marks down the magazines so it’ll be cheaper than the news stand prices. Or, better yet, save your magazine subscriptions until your trip. I did that and I have the new SELF, Martha Stewart Living and Coastal Living to leaf through on my way to MIA.

Save some room to pack souvenirs. I know we are going shopping this weekend and I want a new tervis from the bookstore. I have to take it all back somehow so I saved lots of room to bring things home. Also if you have to meticulously roll everything to make it fit, there is no way you will take that much time packing for the way home and it will frustrating. Trust it. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


the U

What are you tried and true packing tips?
Let me know in the comments below!


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3 thoughts on “Packing Tips

  1. Your Sorority Sister (@YourSororitySis)

    A couple that I live by are to (1) pack shoes near the wheels of your rolling suitcase. It will weigh the bag down where it needs to be weighed down and you won’t feel like you’re lugging bricks. (2) lay clothes (like dresses, suits, etc.) out flat in the suitcase and pack your other clothes on top and then fold the dresses, suits, whatever around them. It will help them not get wrinkly.

  2. Ivy

    Great tips! I always pack by outfits as well or else I’ll end up with a bunch of random stuff that doesn’t go together! Depending on what trip it is, I usually take an empty or almost empty bag with me for souvenirs 🙂

    Ivy xx


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