Taste of Atlanta

Taste of Atlanta 2013

I had so much fun at the Taste of Atlanta with my friend a few weeks ago. I wish I was a better blogger that day because I didn’t take any pictures of what I was eating but I did try some great bites!

Creative Loafing, an Arts and Entertainment magazine in Atlanta, took some great shots of the festival like this picture from photographer James Camp. I ate one of those ribs (more about that below)! View the rest of their slideshow here. 

Fox Bros. BBQ's spare rib. Picture by James Camp.

Fox Bros. BBQ’s spare rib. Picture by James Camp.

I also want to give some kudos to the Taste of Atlanta PR, social media and marketing teams. They kept everyone informed and shared lots of fun tidbits and pics throughout the weekend.  This Instagram picture was one of my favorites of theirs.

Some of the dishes at Taste of Atlanta. Photo from Taste of Atlanta.

Some of the dishes at Taste of Atlanta. Photo from Taste of Atlanta.

You can look through the #TasteATL feed to see what everyone thought, too! Hopefully these pictures show everyone the quality of tastes I got to sample. It was really a fun event. And now, here’s what I tried.

What I Tried…

Tandoori Lamb Burger from Chai Pani. I was looking for something different, something I wouldnt normally try and this fit the bill. This burger had a great mix of flavors and the yogurt sauce mellowed out the stronger Indian spices.

Pumpkin Biscoff Ice Cream from Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream. This was my last sample before we left and it was amazing! I’m glad I was super fill because I would have gotten more tickets to eat more ice cream. I also found out they’re by my target! Now I will have to drop by when I go shopping.

Spare Rib from Fox Bros. BBQ. This was the best deal at only a ticket and the meat was so tender it practically fell of the bone. I will definitely have to seek out the restaurant next time I need a BBQ fix.

Brisket Chili from D.B.A. BBQ. My friend ordered this and I tried a sample of her sample. The chili was full of flavor and very meaty. I could have eaten a whole cup.

Nutella Banana Crepe from Cafe Intermezzo. My friend and I split this crepe and it was yummy. It reminded me of the crepes I would make in my high school french club. Heavy on the nutella and whip cream with some soft warm bananas.

Mac and Cheese from Paschal’s. This mac and cheese was great and it came in a pretty big portion. Paschal’s is a meat-and-three type restaurant so their mac and cheese is southern and rich. It was great! I’d definitely recommend it.

Chicken Taco from Chipotle. This taco tasted like a regular Chiptole taco but it was yummy and they were heavy handed with the guac! I also got a Buy one Get One free coupon for my next Chipotle visit!


Have you ever been to a Taste of Atlanta type event or food festival? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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