Frugal Friday: Week 4 (oops!) and Links I Love: Week 5

Hi y’all! Since I missed my Frugal Friday post, I’m combining that post with my weekly Links I Love post. Enjoy!

Frugal Friday

I was not as frugal as I could have been this week but my shopping was for necessities. After volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, I thought I looked too cute to go straight home so I went to TJ Maxx. And guess what? I found knee high boots THAT FIT! They were Cole Haan boots (these boots to be exact) for only $90. I got the dark brown pair and they fit great! I’m happy to finally have a pair of great boots. I also got a thicker jacket which was great for the chilly weather Atlanta is seeming to have!

This week’s Frugal Friday…

  • I got an unexpected check from my Grandma this week so I’m going to save that money for Miami
  • I was toying with the idea of going to Nashville for Halloween but I’m staying here instead and my friend and I are going to pass out candy and drink wine at her house.
  • Atlanta has been FREEZING but I’ve been using my electric blanket so I don’t have to put on my heat

Links 2

We’re heading into Halloween week! Let’s hope my teeth can take it. I had such a great #SundayFunday at the Taste of Atlanta with my friend.

Some of the fun from the Taste of Atlanta!

Some of the fun from the Taste of Atlanta!

We ate lots of great stuff had a cocktail and scored some free edibles! Some of my favorite things were the Tandoori Lamb Burger from Chai Pani, the Nutella Banana Crepe from Cafe Intermezzo and the free chicken tacos from Chipotle but the pumpkin biscoff ice cream from Morelli’s Ice Cream was a hit!

Links I love this week…

 – This article about budgeting when broke was super helpful to me! (and it works as a Frugal  Friday link too!)

– Lots of big games are coming up. Use these tailgating tips from Life a la Wife.

– I have definitely turned into an office zombie. Use these tips for eating healthy in your cube by Levo League.

– Is it early to start thinking about NYE? I would love to rock some Dressy Sequins like this post from Carrie Bradshaw Lied.


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