Frugal Friday: Week 3

Frugal Friday

This week has not been a good week for Frugal Joanie. I went and got my hair cut and then afterwards I had a YOLO moment at TJ Maxx. I didnt spend too much (and I put some things back) but I still spent frivolously.

This was my YOLO purchase at TJ Maxx. Isnt it beautful?!

This was my YOLO purchase at TJ Maxx. Isnt it beautful?!

I was looking at my calendar (see my last post) and my trip to Miami is SO SOON! I know I will be spending a lot on food/drink/fun so I need to keep the spending in check before then so I have some money to burn.

My friend from High School is in town this week so I know I will spend some money but I will try not to go to cray!

This week’s Frugal Friday…

  • My friends and I had a movie night where we BYOD (bring your own dinner) and I brought mine from home instead of getting take out.
  • I’m still AC free!
  • I haven’t spent any money going out for lunch this week or random drinks/coffee.
  • I put some money into my savings account (hopefully it stays there).
  • I went to the laundromat and spent under $20. I don’t know how I managed that but I’ll take it!
  • When I went out with my friend last night I decided to not get crazy so we didnt have to take a cab. We had fun anyway and I saved the $50 round trip cab fare.

What are your Frugal Friday feats? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: Week 3

  1. Your Sorority Sister (@YourSororitySis)

    First, your frivolous find is beautiful.

    Here are my feats for the week:
    -I talked the exterminator into taking $60 off my contract price for all of my quarterly visits #winning
    -I bought groceries on Sunday so I would eat at home or bring my lunch all week
    -I had $6 on my Starbucks gift card the other day so I got to use that instead of paying for coffee
    -I resisted the Kate Spade Family & Friends Sale as much as I could, but I did by the cutest new phone cover off of eBay for half off the original price!


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