The Holidays are Coming!

Did anyone else read that post title like Paul Revere or was it just me? I can’t believe the holiday season is coming up so quickly.  I’m already starting to think about my Thanksgiving plans in Atlanta with my family (and more importantly- what to eat!). This year my mom and sister are coming up so I’m super excited and I really want to be a great hostess.

I think the easiest way to have a stress-free Holiday season is to plan ahead. October will be over before we know it.

Right now it’s only…

Fall 513 days until Halloween

chase41 days until Thanksgiving

Thin Mint Cupcakes from Florida On My Mind

63 days until my Birthday!

Christmas68 days until Christmas

I have some Pinterest boards that I’m using to start planning my holiday season. This Pumpkin Spice board is my favorite board every fall. If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving or Halloween recipe look here! I also have my Christmas board for decorating, cooking and crafting ideas. I love coastal Christmas decor so if you want your house to look like a North Pole beach house, check it out!

I already started my Christmas wish list board for this year. I hopefully I’m nice and not naughty this year so I get some fun things off my board.

Do you have Holiday themed Pinterest boards? Have you already started to cement your Holiday plans? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “The Holidays are Coming!

  1. Sarah Hornby

    I totally stalked your pumpkin themed pinterest board today and I am stealing your find for a pumpkin pie cheese ball for my office Halloween party this week! Thanks 🙂


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