Things to do in… Nashville


For some reason, I kept putting this post off. Nashville was a jam-packed weekend, I just feel exhausted thinking about it 😛

Where We Stayed…

The Where I stayed aspect of this post doesn’t count because I stayed with my friend and her family but I’m sure Nashville has lots of nice hotels. I think that Nashville is a lot smaller than I think it is. I imagine it like the Country LA but it is definitely smaller than Atlanta. I think staying Downtown/by broadway would probably be the most fun

Where We Ate…

On Friday,  we went to Newks Express Cafe just to grab something quick before going out. We have a Newks in Atlanta so I just got a Greek salad, which is one of my faves.

Image from the Pharmacy's Facebook page.

Image from the Pharmacy’s Facebook page.

On Saturday, we went to this super cool place that has a super long name. The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden is located in East Nashville and the area is on the rise. We had a pretty long wait but we were still kinda full from the snacks we demolished during the Canes win so we didn’t care.

They make their own sodas (like an old fashioned soda fountain) called phosphates so I had a strawberry ginger ale. My friends all had root beer that was on tap. For food, I went with their classic cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. We all got burgers and different sides and it was all good. They have vegetarian options too!

Afterwards, we were going to go to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream but the lines were out the door (It was Vandy’s Homecoming) so we settled with Ben & Jerrys and it was still yummy!

I’ve also been to Taco Mamacita during my trip last year. It was yummy and my friends have seen Taylor Swift there before. I also hit up Sweet Cece‘s last year and it was good. Fro yo is fro yo,  so I liked it

Where We Drank… 

On Friday, we went to Midtown as a group. We ended up at Rebar. Needless to say, I was having too much fun that night so the place was fine but nothing sticks out in my mind. It did have a nice patio and cute boys but I was a little preoccupied with my friendos. Next time I’m going to make them go to Winners and Losers with me. Apparently Chris Young hangs out there. P.S. why didn’t I find this article before I went out. It’s a list of the best celeb spotting bars!

Downtown Nashville touristy bar scene.

Downtown Nashville touristy bar scene. Not my picture.

Last time I visited, we went down Broadway and went to Tootsies and all the touristy bars. My favorite out of the bunch I went to last time was Paradise Park. It has astoturf on the floor and tater tots, need I say more? Last time I went they had a great live band. I’ll have to go again, I LOVE listening to live Country music.

My friends and I also went to the Titans game so I’m putting the game in this category since we drank. We didn’t tailgate though, I had to drive home after. It was a lot of fun. The weather wasn’t the greatest but we had awesome seats and it was a close game (but the Titans lost). I looked super cute and that’s all that matters! I had a navy knit dress with my cowboy boots and a white statement necklace. I was styling in Titan’s colors.


All in All…

I had SO MUCH FUN in Nashvegas! It was great getting together with some of my close friends from Miami just to catch-up. We’ve already made plans to have them come down for the Miami/Georgia Tech basketball game in January. I might even go back before then. The 3.5/4 hour drive wasn’t bad at all and my new car is great on Gas.

Have you ever been to Music City? Tell me how your trip was or if you’d ever want to visit in the comments below!


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