My Favorite ways to use LinkedIn


Sometimes I think I’m a grown up. I pay my bills, work 8-5, buy groceries and troll LinkedIn. I normally snap out of my new found adulthood when I’m listening to *NSYNC. But hey at least I’m listening to Dirty Pop when I’m reading about PR best practices on LinkedIn Today.

There are so many articles on LinkedIn about using the site effectively like this articlethis one and this one. I’m not going to regurgitate those tips here. Rather, I’m going to share some of why I love using LinkedIn.

It’s a great way to get career-related news. I normally hit up LinkedIn at least once a day, usually in the morning, to catch up on social media/communications/marketing/PR news. LinkedIn Today is a great resource. I’ve tailored mine for communications-related news, general articles about the work place, and career development. You can also follow influential people in your industry/field to see their take on the industry. I’m always looking for more ways to improve myself and how I run my brand communications and these articles really help!

Groups can be a great way to connect with others personally. During my daily LinkedIn troll, I always visit the Alpha Delta Pi LI group. When I was still new to Atlanta, I used the ADPi group to meet up with some new sisters and I still see them out and about at alumnae events. LI college alumni networks, sorority groups and groups related to your field are perf for finding out more about opportunities in different cities or to meet some new friends who share similar interests. It doesn’t have to be all about professional networking.

Use your profile as a running resume. since starting my first job post grad, I’ve been adding all of my new skills to that position on LinkedIn.  Since LI doesnt have a page limit like paper resume does, it’s the perfect place to talk about all of your responsibilities and showcase your most important skills. I always add a new skill/responsibility on my profile when it happens so if/when the time comes to move on I don’t forget something. If your job is anything like mine, you do lots of different things. It’s the easiest way to keep track of everything and new employers can see more than the the bullet points on your resume.

Do you use LinkedIn regularly? What is your best tip for creating a perfect LinkedIn profile? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “My Favorite ways to use LinkedIn

  1. Erin

    I’m a huge LinkedIn user/fan! My best tip is to keep it up to date – don’t create a profile and then ignore it for half a year. It looks bad, especially if you’ve moved jobs or – eeck – been promoted to a higher position!


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