Frugal Friday: Week 1

Frugal Friday

I follow this blog called The Prudent Homemaker. Brandy is the frugal, domestic goddess I aspire to be. Her weekly Frugal Accomplishments are always so fascinating to me. I’ve shared her blog with my mom and we marvel at the amount she produces in her home and saves. When we talk on the phone, we always talk about her frugal accomplishments and try to compare them to our own.

My Frugal Accomplishments are child’s play compared to Brandy so that’s why I created Frugal Fridays. Let’s face it, I’m poor. I went to a private college and I paid for my own schooling so I have student loan debt. I also have a shopping addiction that likes the finer things in life. However, I’ve been really trying to save. Every week, I’ll post my little victories against my ever-shrinking bank account. I’m hoping that Frugal Friday would eventually catch on and and be the Frugal Accomplishments for the 20-something city girls!

This week’s Frugal Friday…

  • I haven’t used the air at all in my apartment this week.
  • I went to Plato’s Closet and tried to sell two bags worth of clothes, shoes and accessories. I only walked out with $9 but now that’s road trip snack money.
  • I also haven’t used the AC in my car this week.
  • I walked to my property management place to drop off my rent check instead of driving (saving gas, lol)
  • Checked my mint ipad app to be more mindful of my money.
  • I bought a Pumpkin Swirl iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts using a coupon so the coffee was $1.06, not over 3 bucks.
  • Resisted getting a Diet Coke from McDonalds on Tuesday. (Wednesday I caved).
  • I was going to make this Halloween Bark from The Pioneer Woman but I made a cheaper desert instead.

What are your Frugal Friday feats? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: Week 1

  1. Megan C. Stroup

    Love this! I’m looking forward to more of this series. πŸ™‚ Plato’s Closet is ridiculously picky, it seems. I had a friend who tried to sell stuff with the tags still on and they wouldn’t take it!


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