My Workspace

preppy Lilly pulitzer girly work space desk


I finally cleaned my desk area!

When it’s clean, I love my desk. It sits to one side of my living room and I can watch TV while working. The file cabinet holds all of my important stuff and I think the bulletin board adds the perfect of nautical flair to the space. My mom and made the board (tutorial here). ย I’ve added lots of my favorite things (brands, color, art, pictures of friends) to really make me feel happy when I’m working here.

Sometimes, I think it looks a little too cluttered but, although I have a lot going on, everything has a place.

Lilly pulitzer calendar and candle filled with shells


Sorry for the blurry picture on this one. My point and shoot was not working well without flash and everything was looking washed out with flash. Anyway, this Lilly Pulitzer easel calendar is great if I ever need to see a month at a glance and I love a candle in a hurricane vase with shells.

wicker basket on desk lilly pulitzer, vineyard vines preppy


Since this desk doesn’t have drawers I needed some storage. I have tons of wicker baskets around my apt and I like how it holds a lot of random stuff (headphones, markers, business cards) but it’s still pretty much out of sight. I wonder if y’all have gotten the point that I’m Lilly obsessed, yet? Definitely #SorryNotSorry about my Lilly obsession. I got my laptop skin from www,uniqueskins.comย while in college and it’s still holding up. P.S. that flag is the state of Florida flag and it’s the first thing that’s going on my new car (If I ever get the courage to buy one).

I also love pictures and picture frames so there are little too many scattered around my apartment. I got the Vera Bradley frame for only $6 at T.J. Maxx a few summers ago, score! I love seeing pictures of all of my friends and fun memories, especially since everyone isn’t a dorm room away anymore. So that’s my desk area, it’s cluttered and colorful but I think it’s a great depiction of me.

How do you decorate your desk or workspace? Do you use a minimalist approach or organized clutter like I do? I’d love to get some new ideas!


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