I Have Nothing to Wear- How to Shop Your Closet by Targeting your Fashion Wants.

This past weekend I went to the malls… again. I’m starting to believe that I’m using shopping to get away from cleaning although my excuse was that I had some VS and BBW coupons I needed to use up before they expired.

When I was strolling past the sales, I ducked my head in to see what’s good at LOFT. LOFT was having a major sale. I got some nice t-shirts for only $7 (perfect to pair with jeans for running errands) and a pair of jeans for $15Β but I’m starting to think that a lot of my problems with shopping/overspending is that I buy what I want at the time and never Β “shop my closet” or figure out what I truly need.

nothing to wear

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who says I have nothing to wear while standing in one of my two (but really small) closets full of frilly frocks, jeans, and tops. I’m constantly picking up a top here or a dress there. I’m a total Maxxinista.

But that’s going to change!

Today, while trekking up the hilly walking path in Chastain Park, My friend and I decided to work on our own improvement and JIP (Joanie Improvement Project) was born. Shopping my closet will be just one aspect of JIP and one of the first of many “improvement” projects.

I’m going to use #JIP as a hashtag on Twitter if you would like to track my progress!

I have a drawer stuffed with Sorority/Fraternity/Miami shirts so obviously I don’t need any more of those. I have quite a few “nicer” t-shirts for errands now so that can be put on hold as well. I’m doing good with work bottoms and those tops from Lilly I showed a few posts back will be great for work or play.

Fall Classic WardrobeThis blog post from Carly the voice behind the College Prepster outlines some Fall staples. With this blog post in hand, I decided to target some holes in my wardrobe for Fall and Winter.

What I’m going to focus on while shopping.

Work pumps and winter wedges- I only have one pair of nice heels. Obviously I need some more work footwear.

Button down tops- I love button down tops for work and to pair with jeans for errands. I don’t have too many and would love some nice colors and maybe a print.

Going out outfits- I feel like I never have anything to wear when I go out to the bars. Nicer bars/club attire is absent in my wardrobe and I need something in case I go out to a nicer, grown up place (a.k.a no more college-style bars).

Riding boots- I have large,muscular calves so finding boots that actually fit is near impossible, even in wide boots. One of my goals is to find boots that will fit nicely and look cute for winter.

Some helpful tips…

Do I need this? I have a handful of Lilly printed dresses, do I really need another? If you have 5 chambray tops, don’t add another to the mix. Focus on what you want that you may not have yet.

How will I style this? If you don’t have an answer to this your wont wear it and you can do without.

Am I buying this because it’s a good deal/on sale? Or, do I really like it? Just because something is a steal doesnt mean you have to buy it if your won’t ever wear it. If it sits in your closet you still wasted money, even if it was an extra 40% off.

What are you focusing on for your wardrobe? Do you shop your closet before hitting the mall? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “I Have Nothing to Wear- How to Shop Your Closet by Targeting your Fashion Wants.

  1. J. Parker

    This is seriously JUST what I needed right now! I am definitely #guiltyascharged when it comes to buying the same pieces over. and. over. and over. Meanwhile, there are a few strategic holes in my wardrobe that desperately need to be filled.
    Hah also, I absolutely love the idea of the “JIP” – I may just end up stealing your improvement idea and co-opting it for myself, if you wouldn’t mind! πŸ™‚

    j. parker

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