A Little Update on Me…

Sorry about my little blog-cation. I just ended up being a little too busy and had mini writer’s block. It’s pretty hard to think of a good post that already isnt on million other blogs already.

It’s Bid Day season so my job has been super fun! Who doesn’t like posting cute recruitment pics on Facebook and Instagram. But I’ve also been really busy from 8-5 (mainly non social media stuff).

Green Market at Piedmont Park www.flonmymind.com

Green Market at Piedmont Park

After work, I’ve lots of things to do too! I’ve been exploring my neighborhood recently and I’m saving some of that stuff for a Things to do in… Midtown, Atlanta blog post. I also have been looking at blogs that feature free/cheap things to do in Atlanta and have found some awesome deals. I bet most cities have the same type of things, if you’re looking for something fun to do.

This week has been one of the busiest I’ve had in a while. On Thursday, I went out to din with one of my besties. Β One of my other best friends came into town on Friday and we went out. It was so great to see her again! Before that on Friday, I went to Martinis and IMAX at the history museum with my sorority alumnae association (I’m on the board) and had dinner with some sisters beforehand. On Saturday, I took an adult open ballet class at the Atlanta Ballet’s Buckhead open house (I found it on a free/cheap blog). Whew!Β 

My Hard Cider at Front Page News www.flonmymind.com

My Hard Cider at Front Page News

Trust me, I’m normally not this popular! What have y’all been doing this past weekend? I would love to know in the comments!

I’m trying to create an editorial calendar for this blog and I’m open to any and all suggestions from fellow bloggers. What do you do when you the mood to write doesn’t hit you? How do you think of ideas day-in and day-out?

I made a poll with some ideas for new posts. Let me know which post you would like to see on the blog!! Don’t see one you like? Leave me a suggestion in the comments!


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