Summer Jams 2K13

summer jams

What’s summer without some summer jams? I think the best music comes out between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  The country station starts playing everything that talks about beaches and/or kegs. The Top 40 station gets a lot more drunk dance tune approved and it seems like all of your favorite artists are touring.

My friends and I got the Country Mega Ticket for the ATL so we got tickets for Tim Mcgraw, Rascal Flatts (I was on vaycay for this one), Brad Paisley and my husband Chris Young (shhh he just doesn’t know it yet), Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and the last one is Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert. #SCORE I cant wait to see the last two concerts. I’ve never seen Miranda Lambert before.

I also am the person that watches CMT Pure Country 24/7 and I’ve probably seen every country music video on the market right now. I do love other kinds of music though so if I’m not watching CMT I have my Pandora on.

Here’s some of my favorite summer jams that have me rocking out in my car this season!

Buzzkill by Luke Bryan

This song is pretty much perfect for me. I loved some of the older Spring Break songs and when he compiled everything together on the Spring Break… Here to Party CD I had to buy it. This song is one of my favorites off the CD.

“You’re like a screen flashing insufficient funds/
Cops knocking when the party just begun/
You’re a big rain cloud parked over my boat.”

Who doesn’t have these problems? And if you havent seen an insufficient funds screen… well you aren’t living on the edge. I think everyone has someone that when you see them you just get a sour taste in your mouth and they ruin your fun. This is a good summer #EmoJam

P.S. I also wanted to feature his new song That’s My Kinda Night because it has been the countryest song by far this summer but there isnt a good YouTube video for it yet.

Bubble Butt Remix by Major Lazer

I am pretty sure it is physically impossible to not break it down when you hear this song. I may not be gifted with a bubble butt but I can shake it with the best of em. This is a great song to hear when you’re getting your drank on at the bar and just want to drunk dance all over the place.

DUDE I just wanna dance No chicks man, no chicks 

Ok now back to my jam playlist. Oh and you’re welcome. 

Round Here by Florida Georgia Line

I love the Round Here video from Florida Georgia Line. I follow them on YouTube and they said that this was so fun to film. Basically they just went to their hometowns and partied with their friends. It makes me really miss the beach and my Florida hometown. Plus you know I have to rep FL Country and this song is just about partying and I love me some Fireball.

PS The Florida Georgia Line CD is just great if you like this type of country. I definitely recommend it.

We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus

I think this has to be the summer jam of 2013. The video is super weird but it is just so damn catchy. I posted the audio only version because I really don’t wanna see the music video again. This song does have some good advice though.

“Remember that only God can judge ya/
Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya.”

That is some solid advice, Miley. If I ever see ya, I’ll twerk with you. Mainly because the song says “Danicing with Miley”… right?

The last jam is my main man Chris Young.

Aw Naw by Chris Young

This song is the epitome of a #PostGradProblem. Think about it, he goes out thinking it’s just going to be an innocent night out with friends and he ends up going crazy. Who hasn;t ended up at a Waffle House at 5 o’ clock in the morning when you told everyone you wanted to be out of the place by one.

Chris Young is gorgeous. Totally my type of guy. If I ever meet him, he better watch out because I may just attack him with my lips… softly… because I am in love with him. I have every one of his albums and he is just a great singer and he was a great performer opening for Brad Paisley too.

Ok now that it’s gotten a little creepy…

What is your summer jam for 2k13? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Tuesday!!


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