July Favorites

July Favorites www.flonmymind.comAs I said in my last post, I can’t believe it’s already August Here are a few of my July Favorites!

Fall Lilly Pulitzer Collection I LOVE the new Lilly collection for fall!  I know I’ve said that I’m over chevron and I am… but Lilly’s version is just so cute! I’m not sure if I would actually end up buying a chevron piece from Lilly (I think the end is near for that trend and I’m not spending so much money on something that isn’t classic) but I love the colors in this collection. Fall is always a great season from Lilly for work wear and they didn’t disappointment. Maybe I can snag a piece towards the end of the season when they go on sale, I’ll keep ya posted!

Farmers’ Markets- I’m really trying to step up my grocery game and I love heading to the Green Market in Midtown but the Dekalb Farmers Market is the Walmart of farmers’ market. No Joke! It’s huge and it’s full of everything you ever wanted and stuff you had no idea existed. I went with one of my besties today and I only spent $26 and got a cornucopia full of fruits and veggies for the week #score!

Kate Spade Cork iPad CaseKate Spade Cork Ipad Case I am loving everything cork this summer, especially this iPad case from Kate Spade. I just am not loving the $85 price tag. My current iPad case is doing the job and is cute but there is just something about this cork case. I’m keeping my eyes pealed for this one to go on sale too!

lacey lilac

Sally Hansen lavender nail polish- Summer is just more fun with some funky nail polish. Pastel is in and I love how this makes my hands so tan. It’s a drugstore steal too at under $5.

Country Concerts- Summer is not summer with a country concert or in my case five. My friends and I got the country mega-ticket and it’s AWESOME! We went to Luke Bryan this month and we had soooo much fun! Read my post on country concert fashion and be on the lookout for a t-shirt cutting DIY.

Don't you just love this peach illustration from Publix?

Don’t you just love this peach illustration from Publix?

Georgia Peaches- I live in the Peach state and peaches are perfectly in season right now. I got some this morning at the farmers’ market for only 79 cents a lb. I love peach cobbler, Publix peach ice cream and obvs just normal peaches. Get them when they’re still in seaosn!


My new Blogger Friends!! I have to say I’m proud of myself for keeping this up for a month. I am notorious about flaking out on these things but safe to say I’m hooked! I love connecting with other bloggers and I can’t wait to see where this road leaves!! Be sure to read my guest post on one of my blogger friends, www.Yoursororitysister.com! I’m not sure when it will post (mainly because I’m writing it right after this…) but I’m excited!

Do you have any July Favorites? Let me know in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “July Favorites

  1. J. Parker

    Yummm I wish I had access to some of those AMAZING looking Georgia peaches!
    Hahah and I’m still fully on board the chevron trend boat so the new Lilly collection is kiiiiind of like heart-stoppingly out of this world for me!

    Thanks for sharing, chickadee! 🙂


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