Things to do In… Destin and Fort Walton Beach

Things to do in Deston and Fort Walton Beach Vacation tips

Hi Everyone and welcome to my new series! Things to do in… I actually was thinking about this series on the ride back to Hotlanta in the car. Whenever I go anywhere, I normally research beforehand but all I find are reviews from old people or families, never anyone in their 20s going for some fun.

This time it’s Things to do in Destin and Fort Walton Beach!

Where We Stayed…

We stayed in The Four Points by Sheraton Destin-Fort Walton Beach. For the first two nights we had a garden-view room that overlooked an unfinished hot tube (a.k.a. just a hole). We asked for an upgrade and on the last night we stayed on the top floor of the beach view rooms which was very pretty (the view from that room is my title picture). 

Four Points by Sheraton Destin Fort Walton Beach Room

Our room looked pretty much like this. Source is the hotel website.

The room was nice. We had lots of pillows, towels and all of that stuff but you can tell that it is an older hotel. The staff were friendly and we had free continental breakfast so it was great for keeping costs down. Both hotels rooms we stayed in had at least a mini-fridge (the second one was massive) and microwaves. I didn’t pay for the room so I don’t know how much it was but Florida is all about season so the prices fluctuate a lot!

The best part of the hotel was it’s location. It wasn’t in Destin but it did end up being walking distance from some fun night clubs, more on that later!

The beach outside the area was great and it had white sand and you could rent beach chairs and umbrellas and they had waitresses walking along the beach taking orders. We had great weather on Friday but it was a dreary on Saturday. That also meant the water wasn’t as clear as it normally is (lots of rain made it seaweed-y) but I had fun laying by the water and the hotel has two pools!

Where We Ate…

We ate at the hotel for breakfast and we ate lunch in our room but we did go out for dinner twice and had some great meals out in Destin!

Our first meal out was to La Famiglia at Harbor Walk in Destin, right by the bridge that connects to FWB. We were originally going to to McGuires Irish Pub but the wait was one hour and 15 minutes for a table :-O ! So we went to walk around Harbor Walk (across the street) and stumbled along this place.

We got seated pretty promptly. We each ordered a different pasta and everything was so good. I got fettuccine Alfredo and it was a perfect #YOLOmeal it was super rich! The bread also came with a garlic dipping oil which was awesome too! I highly recommend heading here if you don’t want fried seafood every night you’re in Destin/FWB.

harbor docks in Destin

Our last night in Destin also started with another amazing meal, this time at Harbor Docks. We were craving something healthy and fresh and they definitely delivered. We got a table on the deck overlooking the marina which made for some great scenery and watching the charters come in with their catch. We all got sushi and each roll was fresh and yummy.

I am definitely adding this to my list of must-have places to eat the next time I head over to the panhandle.

Where We Drank… 

Where did we not drink?? Just kidding! Kind of…

I'm using this picture again because it showcaes all the fun details at McGuires!

I’m using this picture again because it showcases all the fun details at McGuires!

We started the night after dinner on Friday at McGuires Irish Pub. By the time we walked back over there, the place had cleared out and we parked it at the bar. McGuires is a place to be seen! Dollar bills and unmentionables cover every square inch of the walls. They also are a microbrewery so you can sample some of their beer.

Big Richard Playing at The Swamp

A VERY HQ image of the band, Big Richard, playing at The Swamp. According to the Instagram caption, I was jamming out to Biggie Smalls #ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBigPoppa

After a couple drinks and one Baby Guniess shot (Cafe Patron and Kahula, it is SO GOOD). We wanted to dance the night away and dance we did at The Swamp which is right by the hotel.

The Swamp can only be described as YOLO. Everyone is acting crazy, you see things you never want to see again, it is open air so you can get rained on and they’re drinks in buckets… nuff said. We went both nights and had the time of our lives. Seriously, I want to pick this building up from the foundation and move it to Atlanta. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

They had a live band, Big Richard, that played a great mix and we just danced and waved our hands like we just didn’t care. Also, FYI ladies Destin/FWB is right next to an air force base. The ratio is ALWAYS in your favor!

All in All…

I had an amazing time in Destin with some AMAZING friends. It was such a great weekend and I’m so glad we could get away from the city and have some fun before the summer ends!

What do you think of the new series? If you have ever been to Destin  let me know what you did and experienced in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Things to do In… Destin and Fort Walton Beach

  1. J. Parker

    Hahah oh my goodness, I almost died at #YOLOmeal… I may just have to steal that one! 😉
    Aww but it all looks like such a fun time! I’ve see sooo many pieces on McGuires over the last couple years – I’m dying to go now!

    I can’t wait to follow along on your next adventure!

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