Cute iPad Cases, Perfect for Bringing on a Trip!

Hi guys! I just got back from Destin and I had SO MUCH FUN! We tanned, we drank, we danced and we ate some great dinners. It was the perfect girls weekend.


Here was our group (I’m on the left) at McGuires Irish Pub in Destin

During the whole trip, we were on our iPads looking for restaurant reviews, finding places to go out, listening to Pandora. We (the non driving we) also watched movies on the trip there and back. Tablets are perfect to take on a vaycay. They don’t take up as space and aren’t as heavy as laptops but they’re a ton easier than an phone. This was my first time bringing mine on a trip and I’m sold. This is the way to go.

Best iPad Cases

I love my iPad case I think it’s simple but the color is bold and fun. It also is professional. I went to a couple stores before I found this one. I have this Griffin case and I got it atΒ Best Buy.

I also love these iPad cases from Nordstrom but they are a splurge $98. If I ever find a pot o’ gold, I’m definitely getting one although I’m not sure which color I would get. I love the cognac but the lavender looks so feminine and elegant.

Cute Splurge-Worthy iPad cases |

Here are some more of my favs

cute iPad cases kate spade, tory burch,

Kate Spade // Tory Burch // Kate Spade // Bodhi // Kate Spade // Pantone

Do you use your tablet on vacation? What kind of case do you have?
Let me know in the comments!


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