Things You Need for a Beach Trip… But Forget

Stuff you need for a beach trip but forget

As some of you know, I’m going to the beach this weekend with my friends. I started to pack last night and I thought this would make a great post. But everyone knows what to pack for the beach. Swimsuit, cover up, sunscreen, sunglasses, koozie and you’re pretty much set.

Then I started thinking about what I normally forget when I go to the beach so that’s what I’m sharing today. Things you will undoubtedly need but almost always forget. My mom is a serial over-packer and does most of this stuff often but that pays off in the end. I’m super excited to bring this stuff with me to Destin!

A Corkscrew and/or a bottle opener.  if you’re BYOBing in your hotel, this is a MUST. Hotels don’t have bottle openers and this saves you spending $5 at the liquor store when you had a perfectly good one in your house. Plus it means more time for Happy Hour #clink
Festive paper plates and napkins. My sister would make fun of me for this because this is such a mom thing but I don’t care. It makes everything cute and if you’re eating things in the room you’ll need paper plates/cups/napkins/utensils already. I have some super cute pineapple ones from Ikea already packed!
Cooler. a MUST if you’re bringing snacks for your hotel, or just bringing snacks to the beach. #NuffSaid
koozies. I LOVE koozies but I almost never remember the to bring them. They’re practical (that Straw-ber-rita tastes gross warm) and keeps your hand dry while showcasing some brand you like (hello Lilly Pulitzer) or somewhere you’ve been. (Using my St. John Brewery koozie will take me back to my island vaycay)
Buy your raft at home. If you’re driving in, buy your beach toys before you leave the city. Beach rafts on the island (shore, coast etc.) are super expensive because everyone wants one. I’m so excited because I’m bringing my special GWP Lilly Pulitzer Stuffed Shells raft with me this weekend! I only got mine for $5 from the last Lilly Pulitzer sale!
Yes this is me and my raft. and Yes I'm matching. Don't hate. Appreciate.

Yes this is me and my raft. and Yes I’m matching. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

An Extension Cord. I say this a lot when I’m work blogging for Convention/LS but really an extension cord helps so much! When there’s four to a hotel room. There are NO OUTLETS and everyone has phones, ipads, hair straighteners, computers. Trust me on this one and bring it. You’ll be everyone’s best friend!

What do you bring on trips that you think is an overlooked must-have? Let me know in the comments!!


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