Road Trip Essentials!

Road Trip

I’m going on a road trip to Destin, FL this week with some of my friends and I thought that would be the perfect theme for today’s post.

We’re making the 5.5 hour trip and we’re trying to have fun inexpensively, so that means lots of planning! Right now, we’re planning on bringing our own food for lunch and possibly breakfast as well as alcohol, mixers and other drinks.

Prepare, prepare, prepare! Buying snacks and drinks at the grocery store is a lot cheaper than buying at the gas station! Just fill a cooler with what you want to bring and it will end up being a lot cheaper. Plus, you won’t have to stop every time you want/need a Diet Coke. Also try to plan when you’re going to fill up. I know gas is always cheaper when we get out of Atlanta so it might be a good idea to wait to fill up if you’re leaving a major city.

Don’t just bring junk food, bring healthy stuff too! When I think of vacations, I think of indulging in some major YOLO meals but don’t start going cray on the way there. I try to keep my normal eating for breakfast and lunch so I don’t feel stuffed the whole day and road trips are no different. Some great road trip snacks are baby carrots with hummus, fresh fruit (peaches, watermelon, mango are in season right now), pretzels and don’t forgot the bottled water so you can stay hydrated!

Bring entertainment. Books and magazines are great road trip essentials. I love to save my magazines that come in for a big trip like this so I can read them all when they’re still new. They really make the time fly-by. It might be a good idea to bring some visitor info about the city you’re visiting. I love to look up the best restaurants and shops!

Make a Road Trip Playlist! I love playing DJ for long trips. I created a Spotify playlist of some of my summer jams I’m sure to put on my Destin playlist! I made a playlist on Spotifty of my summer favorites. Listen now!

What are your road trip essentials? Do you have a summer jam that is a must-have on your summer playlist? Let me know in the comments!


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