The BEST Secrets for Shopping for Lilly Pulitzer on Rue La La

Lilly Pulitzer Rue La La tips

I got that awesome for my style (but bad for my wallet) Rue La La email telling me about one of my favorite brands coming back.  Lilly Pulitzer!! is coming to Rue La La this morning and there’s still time to use my tips and score the best deal!

This morning’s sale is Lilly gifts so this will be a perfect sale to shop using my secrets. Gifts doesn’t normally sell out as fast so this sale will not be as cutthroat as clothing and accessories.

Before 11…

Lilly on Rue Look at the preview to get a sense of the sale. Rue La La always shows a preview of the sale to see what’s coming up. You can get the sense of the season, prints, and if it’ll be dresses or a lot of accessories. Or in the case of gifts, if it’ll be mainly housewares (like what I think this sale will be based on the preview) or lots of stationery.

Store your credit card info on Rue La La. Rue has a “Quick Buy It” function and that will become your best friend during Lilly Pulitzer sales. If you put an item in your cart it can still sell out before you pay so if you really have to have that item use Quick Buy It to score the deal!

Have Rue La La’s website on your browser ready to go at 10:59. I have never seen items sell out so quickly online than I have when Lilly hits Rue. You have to be READY to go right at 11 a.m. so you can see the sale first. Those first few minutes is when the best stuff sells out.

During the Sale…

Use the sort function. If you have a budget in mind, the sort function is your best friend! I always sort low to high to see the best deals first.

Shop quickly and check out often. Rue charges a flat rate for shipping ($9.95 and that shipping lasts the month) so when you’re shopping the sale check out often. That’s the best way to make sure your item won’t get snatched up when it’s in your cart.

Hopefully y’all like and use these tips but don’t beat me to the last shift! Do you use Rue La La? What are your best secrets to shop Rue and score great deals?

Are you not on Rue La La, yet? Join using my referral link!


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