Goodie’s Box Review

Today, I got a email confirmation that my second Goodie’s Box has shipped. So I guess that means I should probably review the first one I got… in February.

If you don’t know what a Goodie’s Box is here’s a blurb from their website.

For just a $7/month subscription including taxes and shipping, the Goodies Co. box features 5-8 delicious new foods hand-picked and delivered directly to your doorstep. You get to receive a surprise every month, sample new foods and expand your palate without breaking the bank. We always try to include a wide variety of foods, from healthy, organic, artisan, and international.

It’s kinda like a Birch Box but for snacks, way more up my alley. Here’s the products from my February box.

Florida On My Mind- Feb Goodies Box

My overall review of the box is Meh. They were good and it was only $7 but at the same time it was $7 and I feel like I can be savvy and get things I like more but here’s the individual reviews.

Plentils Florida on my mindThese were definitely THE. BEST. THING. in the box!! I inhaled them within two seconds of ripping of the packing tape on the box. They were crispy and the pizza flavor was spot-on. They are also aren’t too many cals for the bag. I would definitely buy these.
Review: 4.5 out of 5 noms


The next things I tried were the Peanut Butter and Co. peanut butter samples. They also came with a coupons. These were good, but I was expecting them to be. I think any peanut butter is delicious and these were no exception both were super smooth and not grainy. I also like the single serve packets.
Review 4 out of 5 noms


I ate this at work and it was the theme of the box, meh. You know how things are just so healthy they aren’t tasty, I think this bar was one of those. Just meh.
Review 3 out of 5 noms


I lumped these two in because they’re major brands. They’re good but I don’t get why they were in my “gourmet snack box”.
Review 3 out of 5 noms


I didn’t try these because I don’t have a microwave so I reserve noms judgement.

I will review my next box when it comes in. Hopefully, March has better options or I’m not going to subscribe anymore. I can use my $7 somewhere else, picking my own snacks.

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? Have you tried any of these snacks? Let me know in the comments!Β 

Do you get any


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