The Lenten Season…

Ash Wednesday was last week and I’m still trying to get into the swing of keeping with what I gave up for Lent. I only gave up two things this year. One that is pretty simple and one that is more encompassing.

I’ll start with the easy one first.


source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

I know we’ve all been reading that we should give up soda, but I never paid too much attention and kept my Diet Cokeย addictionย through college. This year, I’ve been trying to be healthier and have stopped buying a 12 pack every time I go to a grocery store (but still indulged on oh-so-many occasions, including a fun trip to Coca-Cola World!). I figured Lent was the perfect time to test my will against that iconic silver, white and red can.

So far in the 6 days, I have only cheated once. I know it will be an up hill battle though, so I’m reading articles like this oneย on Yahoo Health to keep me motivated.

Since soda is my easy one, I decided for something a little harder.

No Excuses!

Just a little graphic I made to keep me motivated!

Just a little graphic I made to keep me motivated!

I have decided that I’ve been really lazy since moving out on my own (not blogging as much as I should, letting the dishes pile up, noting doing my hair, going out to eat instead of cooking something). So this Lent, I’m going all-in with what I call #NoExcuses.

To be honest, I still have been struggling with this one (as I type this with super bad hobo hair- a messy bun if you don’t yet know my lingo). But hey! It’s only been 6 days, I still have time to work harder on this one before Easter rolls around.

Are you giving anything up this Lenten Season? Let me know in the comments!


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