Lilly Pulitzer’s New Year Cheer Sale Haul

Thursday was a stressful, yet exciting, day for any Lilly lover. Lilly Pulitzer has semiannual sales and the only word to describe them is pandemonium (fitting since thats a Lilly print). If you’re looking for something specific, or to snag a steal, you have to be sitting at your computer with your fingers ready right when they start the sale. I’m talking refresh the browser at 7:59:59 ready.

Once the sale goes up, you should click on what you wanted most. I want swim for my upcoming USVI trip and a scarf for this NW GA weather. Prioritizing is key with any Lilly sale. Once I saw the suit I wanted (only $30 for set, I did buy the wrong patterns on accident but more on that later) and a fun murphee for 29, I went to find a deal on some clothing.



I ended up with a Hart top in Cyan Blue Gigi and a Cassie dress in a lime green stripe (which I thought would be perfect for the trip!) Everything was such a good deal during this sale, but almost all was final sale.



Not me, this is from the Pink Pelican, a Lilly via store.

I also looked at the accessories and got a desk calendar, a stuffed shells raft for $5 (I’m going to be floating in style), and an ADPi dry erase board for my cube.

My only problem with this sale is that I accidentally mixed up my bathing suit patterns. So when I realized it, luckily, there was the other bottom still there. I figured I would just wear a white top with the oops bottoms since they were final sale.

All in all, I did great ~150 for all this stuff. I rocked it out.

Did you buy anything during this Lilly Pulitzer sale? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer’s New Year Cheer Sale Haul

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