Black Friday Shopping Haul

I went to the mall and the outlet mall in my hometown and got some amazing deals. Correction, I stopped at Kohls first so my sister and I could buy a knife set for my mom for Christmas (she loves to cook but has some crummy knives). They had a great Cuisinart set for $40 but we couldn’t find it and the line was over 2 hours long and we got there at 1230! It was crazy so we booked it out of there real quick.

So after that we went to Homegoods and I got some great Holiday baking supplies for my treats this year. I have to figure out what everyone does for the Holidays at my office. Then we went to the mall and the outlet mall.

Since we went a little later, there wasn’t any crowds or lines anywhere (except for Victoria’s Secret but again– we left before even trying). I got a pair of skinny jeans and a black work skirt from Ann Taylor LOFT. My sister treated her self (Donna and Tom style) to some new flats at J.Crew. After some more looking we went to the outlet mall.

At the outlets, I lucked out at J. Crew. I got a pair of khaki and a pair of black pants, that are a little more casual but great for work. I also got some tortoise shell looking flats and a purple sweater. Everything was 50% off and I got an extra 15% for using my student id (yay for my Cane card not having an expiration date!!) After my great score at J.Crew, I went to Ann Taylor outlet and got a caramel cashmere sweater for 60% off and a tan sequined cardi. My wardrobe will be set for work this next month.

So what did you score this black Friday? Do you have any #BlackFridayConfessions or tales to tell? Let me know in the comments!


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