A Florida Girl’s First Fall

In Florida we really only get two seasons Hurricane and Snowbird (old northerns who winter in Florida). I have never really seen a fall. However, here in Atlanta, it’s Fall and its cold! (well to me it is). I don’t have too much winter clothes but I think this set would be prefect and easily do-able, if I could shell out $500 for those swoon-worthy Tory Burch riding boots. Hey a girl can dream, right?

You also have to admire the Lilly Pulitzer Florida state scarf. It is definitely a must-have for my birthday/Christmas. I would love to have something that shows off my Floridian pride while keeping me warm-ish (Lilly scarves are not made for functionality lol).


Cozy Fall Day

J.Crew j crew sweater / J.Crew j crew / Ted Baker super skinny jeans, $125 / Tory Burch leather boots / Michael Kors chronograph watch / Scarve
What are your must-haves for Fall? Any advice on what to wear for a winter n00b? Let me know in the comments!

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