Football Door Plaque Tutorial


We’re in the thick of college football season and I wanted to come up with a way to support my Miami Hurricanes here in Atlanta. I was meandering in and out of the aisles of Michaels trying to figure out what to make. I originally wanted to make a wreath with ribbon all over but I saw this wooden plaque and thought it would be a great and easy idea.

Everything was plain wood so I painted the the plaque orange on one side with the back being green. I also added green polka dots to the front to create some whimsy. For the letters, I spray painted them white and then added some Martha Stewart glitter sealer. The final piece was a brown piece of glitter paper that I cut into a football shape and did the white with puffy paint. Some helpful tips, when painting the plaque use some plastic cups to prop it up, it makes it a lot easier to get the edges. Also don’t forget to seal everything with modpodge, that’s how it gets nice and shiny.

I think it came our great.



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